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designing geospatial experiences 🌊

During my time at MING Labs, I have been working for a global enterprise, leading the design for a geospatial web application. Such a tool enables experts to plan with and evaluate potential natural hazards and risks.

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Since this project is under NDA, I'm unable to share any designs or further information. Nevertheless, I will reflect on the process and my role in this project in the following sentences.

While working on this project, my key activities included:

β€’ Derivering and translating user problems UX solutions based on a holistic UX design process; including business requirements analysis, strategic assessment, user analysis, research, synthesis, framework (personas, customer journeys, etc.), concept development, information architecture, user flows, wireframes, prototypes, etc.

β€’ Collaborating closely with the design, development and business teams to realise solution-oriented user experiences for various digital applications, as well as aligning the design with business requirements and development constraints.

β€’ Pitching to the leadership for allocating more resources for user research as part of the product development cycle. In the end, we achieved that user research is a top priority.

β€’ Conducting user research and testing, collecting customer feedback, and derivering relevant insights to best align the design solution with customer-specific needs.

β€’ Creating and prototyping design solutions to clarify ideas and concepts and for testing and evaluation purposes.

β€’ Supporting in conducting workshops with respective project stakeholders.

Some friendly words from MING Labs ☺️

Barbara is a highly qualified employee who has very comprehensive and extraordinarily versatile expertise, including in peripheral areas. Owing to her competence, she mastered her field of work independently and confidently.

Due to her extremely fast comprehension skills, she was able to fully grasp even the most difficult situations, accurately analysed the most complex interrelationships and quickly familiarised herself with new areas of work.

In addition, her excellent and very confident judgment is particularly noteworthy, which enabled her to make independent, well-considered and accurate judgments even in the most difficult situations.

Thanks to her conceptual, creative and logical approach, she always had new ideas and quickly found optimal solutions.

Barbara showed a high degree of initiative at all times, fulfilled her area of responsibility with exceptional commitment, and impressed with her very high level of motivation.

Even in situations with an extremely high workload, she proved to be very resilient at all times and always acted in a calm, considerate, and goal-oriented manner. In all situations, she acted in a highly professional and responsible manner and always worked very reliably and accurately.

She always achieved optimum work results in terms of both quality and quantity.


What I have learned

β€’ Working on this project allowed me to gain a wide range of experience, particularly in strategic areas, and learn new responsibilities that differed from the previous ones I had as a UX designer.

β€’ Alignment with all stakeholders in the team is key!

Although it might be challenging at times to have such great responsibility as a young designer, I am grateful for this experience and for gaining insights into the work of physicists, engineers, data scientists, and many others.

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