Moodji, visualizing emotions

Messenger-based data visualization made during a one-week class at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd.

Team: Leo Weigand, Katin Schmid; Tools: Arduino; Time: 1 week; Context: Exploration


This project is an interactive data visualization to visualizes emotions through a tangible device in context of a social interaction via messenger. The lights react to the users interaction in their Telegram chat. It tracks the Telegram chat bot and visualizes the used emojis in it. Depending on which emoji the person receives, the light will interact in different colors or light signals.

We used the Telegram API to log in to a user chat and search for emojis. The messages are processed by a node.js server that recognizes emojis and communicates with moodji light using the MQTT protocol.

What I have learned

• Getting familiar with the basics of physical prototying and Arduino.
• Filming a short concept video.
• Using tools like Premiere and After Effects.