Weather Gradient (Google Chrome only)
biomaterial, 2021
prototyp hybrid learning lab, 2021
early brainstorming about my current project about considerate interaction, 2021
Tokyo, 2020
Logo design, 2020
Approach visual and UX design
Brainstroming at edenspiekermann, 2017
StyleGAN — Abstract by AI, 2021
StyleGAN — Abstract by AI, 2021
making friends during a research project with MIT City Science Lab Shanghai, 2017
me at above, 2018
Playing with fonts ❤️
Just found the very first icons I made in 2015.
Thanks to Websitecarbon. Trying to be a bit more sustainable.
Shanghai rooftop, 2017
old work at new work. (eden)spiekermann at above
Mapping Memories: A personalised map for shared experiences. Tools: Mabbox API, leaflet.js, geoJSON data
Using maschine learning to track a persons current mood. Tools: Teachable Machine, p5.js
Car app, UID 2020
Exhibition "The Future Expiration Date" at Push Converence in Munich, 2016
Visuals for a project called "The Future Expiration Date", 2016