AbstractbyAI in Amsterdam during DEMO Festival 2022. © Demo Festival
Exploring RunwayML for some AI art
Illustration for my grad project
Side project: Fetching realtime weather data from across the world. Tools: p5.js, Openweather API.
AbstractbyAI in motion
Rethinking audio feedback in online meetings
Snipped of my bachelor thesis in 2018 about designing news on Twitter.
Summarizing user insights prototype
Training of a StyleGAN2-ADA dataset for a new art project. Tools: Google CoLab, TensorFlow 1.14, loooooots of patience 💆‍♀️
Side project: A personalized map for shared experiences. Tools: Mapbox API, leaflet.js, geoJSON data.
Faulty trained model for a project using ml5js for face and object recognition.
Exploring AR tools (here Adobe Aero) for my thesis project
From early protoype to final outcome
Side project about rethinking screenshots as a contextual interface. (early 2017)
Making friends during a research project with MIT City Science Lab Shanghai
Exhibition of our project 'The Future Expiration Date' at Push Converence 2016 in Munich.