I'm a User Experience Designer interested in translating complex systems into accessible abstractions. Currently pursuing my master's at Umeå Institute of Design. Formerly at edenspiekermann, ābove and MING Labs.

Norban: Transforming the home selling process User Experience Design

Mobile application and back-office system for the Swedish real-estate startup norban. ābove agency

Globe.fm: Creating an explorative experience Exploration

A conceptual radio which enables users to explore the world through sound. Core77 Student Notable

hejsan: A collaboration tool for hybrid spaces Participatory Design

Fostering collaboration and togetherness of students in hybrid learning environments.

NDA: Designing B2B geospatial data visualization tools Design Lead

Thoughts and reflections about designing geospatial data visualization tools in the area of risk management. MING Labs

Archive and explorations

Contextual Screenshots Side Project

Rethinking screenshots as a contextual interface to better support users' initial intentions.

News on Twitter Bachelor thesis

An approach to support conscious news consumption on Twitter.

Email me to talk about contextual interfaces, typefaces and maps. I enjoy reading Offscreen Magazine, running outdoors, and listening to Australian indie music. At present, I'm trying to improve my Japanese language skills, こんにちは! This website was designed and coded in Umeå, Sweden © 2021