Hey, I'm Babsi. I'm a User Experience Designer + Artist interested in translating complex systems into accessible abstractions. Currently based in Umeå (SE).

Spacemaker App & App Clip2022

Engaging citizens in urban planning processes by raising awareness of urban change and providing opportunities for participation through contextual experiences.

Exploring the world through sound 2021

Globe.fm is a conceptual radio which enables users to explore and discover the world through sound. For this 2-week project, my team won a Core77 Student Notable award.

norban: Transforming the home selling process above agency · 2019

UX design of the mobile application and back-office for a real estate startup in order to help users selling their home. Since its launch in 2019, norban has expanded rapidly and is currently present in all major cities in Sweden.

Abstract by AI Side Project · 2021 – ongoing

This is an ongoing side project using machine learning to create abstract art. It started with me looking for ways to spark my creativity.

Geospatial data visualization tool (NDA) MING Labs 2019 – 2020

For one year, I led the design for a B2B data vis expert tool in the field of hazard management. Such tools enable experts to calculate and evaluate the exposure of locations and their datasets. ️

Email me to talk about contextual interfaces, typefaces and maps. This website was designed and coded in Sweden © 2022