Selling homes with a real-estate service people can actually love and trust.

Time 2018 – 2019
Role UX Design Support
Mentor Ana Barbosa · Design Manager

The Solution

The go-to service tailored to help people sell their homes in a stress-free and trustworthy way

We created an app that guides sellers through the selling process step by step, providing them more control and allowing them to make informed decisions throughout the process.


Disrupting the market

Since norban's launch in July 2019, the start-up has grown rapidly and is now present in all major cities in Sweden. Norban has received a lot of media attention and is being portrayed as a game-changer with this new approach.

The Challenge

Create a real-estate platform that fosters trust, transparency and collaboration to create a better experience for everyone involved

There is a lot of mistrust in the real estate industry, as a broker-centric, commission-driven model is still the standard. With every home sold, is a story behind and emotions involve that need to be treated with care.

Quick and Easy

Wizard to set up a house ad

In a few steps, the seller is guided through the process of creating his ad.

Overview through Structure and upfront Information

Division into major milestones

The home selling process is divided into phases that represent major milestones. Upon entering a phase, the user is given a brief introduction to the upcoming tasks.

Transparency and Guidance

Keep up to date throughout the journey

Sellers are guided through the selling process step by step, while being informed about the latest happenings in real-time. The app allows sellers to be fully flexible in their decision on when and how to proceed in the process.

Back-office system to support Realtors

Monitoring, performing tasks and communicating

The back-office system enables the realtors to monitor, perform tasks and communicate with sellers. Images or documents can be uploaded, notifications can be sent, as well as next steps and information can be unlocked, which are then visible to the seller in the app.

The Process

Unravel the root causes of sellers' lack of trust and negative emotions in the home selling process

User Journeys

Insights around the sellers and realtors pain points in the selling process

To discover and understand pain points in the current home selling process, we interviewed industry experts and target users and created user journeys together with them. By the time I started working on the project, I was participating in the research regarding industry experts.

Guiding Principles

We have developed some guiding principles based on our insights:


To prevent users from feeling overwhelmed with the process, we need to guide them through the process and ensure that they can make informed decisions at their own pace.


Selling a home is not a time-bound process. Realtors and sellers pointed out that flexibility is one of the most key drivers. Therefore, we must allow both parties to be flexible in their procedures and decisions.


We learned that potential sellers need to be assured that norban is a trustworthy and reliable service. We must ensure transparency before and throughout the process.


The sales process should be a collective interaction between the broker and the seller. We need to empower them to take and balance responsibility on both sides.

Navigation Architecture

Turning broad concepts into one solution

We developed a wide range of ideas and turned the sketches into design mock-ups and flows. Throughout several rounds, we tested our prototypes. After validating our concepts, our Visual Designers applied the visual branding elements.


Designing the functions around insights synthesized from the user research

Long before I create digital wireframes and flows, I do a lot of sketches in order to get initial ideas down on paper and flesh them out. I would say pen and paper are my favorite tools.

Early sketches