Abstract by AI in motion, 2022
Clearly, I have a favorite color. Project studio at UID, 2022
Illustration for Spacemaker, 2022
Getting familiar with Blender to create some AR assets for my master's thesis., 2021
Movie in the making
Hejsan, 2021
Participatory design project at UID
Biomaterial exploration, 2021
Running route in Umea, 2021
Old work at new work: (eden)spiekermann at above
Clearing my mind by doing some graphic design.
Work in progress, 2016
Icon design, 2015
Just found the very first icons I made back in 2015.
Future expiration date, 2016
Animation for a student project about rethinking food packaging.
User research, 2020
Summarizing user insights
Mapping Memories, Jan 2022
A personalized map for shared experiences. --> Tools: Mapbox API, leaflet.js, geoJSON data
Home office, 2019
Weather Gradient, 2019
Tools: p5.js, Openweather API. (Google Chrome only) --> Explore here
Weather Gradient Wallpaper, 2020
Unexected psd outcome, 2022
Mushroom hunting in Sweden (mushroom heaven), 2021
some psd gradients, 2021
Personal stance at UID, 2020
πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» ✌️ 🫧
Shanghai, 2017
Making friends during a research project with MIT City Science Lab Shanghai
Push Converence, 2016
Exhibition of our project 'The Future Expiration Date' in Munich.